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17 accounting firms (over 15 years) have enjoyed an alliance with Profit Transformations and Tim Stokes. Some have spoken on video about their experience to recommend Profit Transformations, after attending the Academy of Business Mastery with their clients.

They felt completely comfortable to do so, and there's no reason why you won't feel comfortable in a 10 minute chat, to see if it's worthwhile talking further.

Professional's Comments about Tim Stokes

Ken Robertson - Director & CEO Nexia Australia

Tim is the best adviser to help small businesses grow that I have come across in my 30 or so years in the accountancy profession. He has a suite of tools that looks after the practical side for businesses wanting to grow. Too many in this industry are sprookers with little or no substance. Tim is the real thing with experience and systems to get profits flowing.

Colin Gair - Wheeler Accounting and Tax Pty Ltd

There are hundreds of courses and advisers that will sell you a myriad of promises, Tim Stokes delivers on what he says he will do. The material that Tim provides will improve your bottom line, increase your cash-flow, create a team of employees that is completely on board, make you a better leader and ultimately a better person. Sounds unbelievable, that’s what I thought as well, until I completed the course, thank you Tim.

Brett Hetherington - Hetherington & Associates Chartered Accountants

I was cautious about Tim at first as I see a lot of business coaches and hear clients discussing their experiences, or lack of results with them. Tim's approach was completely different with his course approach, workbooks and digital systems that were provided during the course. The free training seminar was excellent also. My profits doubled during the course and some clients had even better results.

Richard Abel - AVDCPA

I have been in practice for over 25 years and found Tim's content refreshingly different and better than any I have seen thus far. We held a free training seminar with our clients and the feedback was excellent from all who attended. Five of our clients attended the whole course with Tim and results were excellent with profit margin increasing results. I recommend Tim's Academy course to all businesses with two or more employees.

Adam Hannant - BTACS

I met Tim and saw his testimonials, which were initially a bit hard to believe however a number of clients came to a free training seminar with a number wanting to continue on to his full course with myself included. As a result clients saw profit increases and my own firm improved significantly. Both myself and clients were surprised by the quality and scope of the content and the number of ways to increase profits.

Angeloe Coco - Coco & Stanton

I first met Tim at a seminar he was conducting, where he impressed me with his depth of business understanding, practical content and results he regularly used as examples. After attending his course I referred 35 clients over the next two years and all were happy with the content, results and his professionalism. My own practice grew by over $400,000 in the first year and continued to grow afterwards.