90 Degree Masterminds

B2B service providers in professional referral communities

The 90 Degree Mastermind Difference

90 Degree Mastermind

  • B2B businesses only
  • Business owners only
  • Frequency of attendance optional
  • Optional, pay as you attend model
  • Education on networking and referring building included
  • Advice from fellow, successful business owners

Common Networking Groups

  • Any kind of business
  • Any person from the business can attend
  • Attendance is compulsory
  • High cost to attend and paid up front
  • Little or low level education provided or costs extra
  • No advice on an individual's business marketing

Why '90 Degree' Masterminds?

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line but a straight line is not always the shortest distance in business to your ideal prospects and clients.

Developing referral or alliance partners, who already have your ideal clients means you're going to your clients indirectly or via a right angle, hence '90 degrees'.

A Mastermind is a group of people who by come together harmoniously and contribute to each other's business, create beneficial outcomes.

How 90 Degree Masterminds Works

When two B2B service business owners meet at an event, they may exchange business cards, hoping for a referral, but few or none may eventuate.

Often referrals don't occur, for a number of important reasons, which are identified and discussed regularly in our meetings.

Having a persuasive reason as to why a recipients business is worthwhile referring to instead of its competitors is explored in everyone of our meetings for 2 featured businesses. The outcome of masterminding and generous, positive feedback can make all the difference in the world.

Communicating clearly why a new contact would benefit from your business is important to have clarified. In actuality its an answer to this important question...

'Why should I buy from your business, and not your competitors?'

It can be a hard question to answer and seems that only a few business owners are able to. 90 Degree Mastermind attendees work together to assist each other in achieving this outcome.


90 Degree Masterminds Meeting Structure

  • All meetings are for business owners only, who are the true referrers
  • A primary focus is discussing why referrals do not occur and how to solve that challenge
  • Two business owners for each meeting will be featured to be asked questions to identify their uniqueness, from an external, lay-person point of view
  • The featured businesses will gain clarity on what to do to introduce a new contact to their business, that a referring business can use
  • More than one business in an industry is allowed, depending on total numbers for meeting group
  • Attendance is by application. Only approved businesses are able to attend
  • Attendance frequency is optional, not compulsory
  • Mastermind meetings are held once every 4 weeks
  • Attendance is free the first time so you can assess the value of attending in future

Mastermind Locations

Masterminds meetings are planned to be held in and around Brisbane in multiple locations.

Inaugural mastermind meetings are planned to be held on...

  1. Thursday the 5th of December from 3.00 until 5.15pm in Paddington.
  2. Friday the 6th of December from 3.00pm until 5.15pm in Woodridge.

There is no cost to attend the first time.

90 Degree Masterminds will then officially begin in February 2020.

Contact Tim Stokes the organiser to find out more or about attending.