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Client Business Results

1. NOTE: The selection of results below are real clients and often clients don't want their results shared publicly due to the attention from their competitors so the number of results that can be shown are limited. Our clients often don't want their competitors knowing their results to maintain a competitive advantage.

2. Specific results shared are not typical and every business won't achieve exactly the same results. These are extraordinary people who worked hard to achieve these results. They were already very busy as everyone who owns a business is and invested more time to implementing what was asked of them.

Industry: Manufacturing - Powder Coating

"With my new General Manager in place, working is optional for me now"

Alan Baggs - Precision Powder Coating

Industry: Trade Service - Electrical Contracting

"I have true business freedom now, and recently took a 3-month holiday"

Chris Hislop - White Light Electrical Contractors

Industry: Trade Service - Plumbing & drainage

"I was cautious about the training as I had a business coach previously and it left me wanting more. During the training course, my cash in the bank increased by $120,000 in one quarter, without any advertising."

Milton Hampe - M J United Plumbing & Drainage

Industry: Professional Service - Accounting

"My firm's profits and those of my clients who attended the course with me, are all up. One clients' business' profits are up by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Anyone considering the training should do it."

Adam Hannant - BTACS

Industry: Professional Service - Accounting

"We had six of our clients go through the course and whether their business was half a million or multiple millions in turnover they all got benefits. His work on team meetings and recruitment is excellent as are his measuring tools."

Richard Abel - AVDCPA

Industry: Trade Service -Electrical Contracting

"My electrical contracting company grew from $2.9 Million with a 19% Net Profit Margin to $4.3 Million with a 32% Net Profit Margin. Best of all I could take 6 months off with my family while it was running smoothly under management."

Marty Olszanowski

Industry: Professional Service - Financial Planning

"I attended the course with 6 of my clients and the content of the course was phenomenal. It was all practical and hands-on. The best thing about the course was the workbooks. It's completely different to business coaching with a different environment. It gives you all the tools you'll use for the rest of your business life."

Robert Bauman - Straight Money Talk

Industry: Manufacturing & Service - Shade Sales

"The content was useful, most people I've seen in the past give you theory. The pricing tool allowed me to raise our prices 30% and still got the same amount of work. The recruitment system we found very successful. I found the systems included to be awesome, and I would definitely recommend the course."

David Hall

Industry: Professional Service - Accounting

"I was cautious about Tim's training as I've met business coaches and my clients had worked with them. I found the course very practical and relevant not just to my own practice but also my clients who attended the course with me. My business profits doubled during the course, without using one advertising strategy."

Brett Hetherington - Hetherington & Associations Chartered Accountants

Industry: Trade Service - Mechanical Repairs

"While attending the course as soon as I introduced the team meeting structure given, my productive hours of my team increased by 50% in the week, which was a 50% increase in my business profits. I  always knew the productivity could be increased and tried many strategies over the previous 6 months without success."

Jeff Upton

Industry: Professional Service - Accounting

"I organised a seminar for my clients and a group of us all decided to attend Tim's course as the free content was very good. As a result of the course, my own business profits increased by 30%, and my clients all had good results as well. I've attended a number of courses, including specific accounting firm courses and Tim's was the best."

K. Parry - Ashgrove Accountants

Industry: Trade Service - Kitchens

"I attended Tim's training just after buying a kitchen renovation company. By setting up effective lead generation, selling systems and job management systems the business was ready for management. After hiring a general manager I was able to stop working in my business completely and I took two months off to travel around the world and didn't work in my business again for two years until I sold it as an asset to an entrepreneur."

S. Beetson