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What Makes a Business Great to Own?

The first step of business mentoring is to start with a business growth plan. It's where you define what you would love to see happen, not what you think is possible to achieve. 

Want to own a business that is super profitable, with ever increasing cash reserves?

Want your business to have all employees working harmoniously as a team, with very little supervision, even when you're not there?

Would you like your business to grow smoothly, by 20% to 100% - year after year, with less of your own time and energy needed?

Your answers to these questions form the basis of your vision and goals that will be documented and planned to be achieved.  


What Goes into a Profit Increasing Business Growth Plan?

Vision and Achievable Goals

The plan begins by setting achievable goals. Growth limitations are identified and strategies to overcome them are included in the plan. 

Marketing & Growth Strategies

Growing a business is about more than just increasing leads. Conversion of leads to sales is what makes money. All growth related strategies are included.

HR Needs for Future Positions

As your business grows, it will need more employees. The roles need to be identified to be hired for, to free up your time as the business grows.

Financial Analysis of Income & Margins

Business growth can decrease margins and cash flow so it's important to plan for margin increases with the growth of your business, to increase cash.

What Makes Our Business Plans Great?

Growing your business isn't just about marketing and sales strategies. There is a need for systems, for recruitment, qualifying leads, conversion rate strategies, for on-boarding new employees and many more.

Dream it and Plan for It

Thanks to seeing results of our business growth plans from business freedom mentoring, what's possible to achieve is understood and shared with you to dream bigger.

57 Proven Strategies

With 57 strategies identified to grow a business, all of them are considered in the business growth plan. They include systems, recruitment, pricing strategies and more. 

More than Marketing

While financial goals are great to set, how they will be achieved is with sales and marketing. Expertise spanning 28+ years goes into your plan.

Cutting Edge Technology

As a business grows, it will have software and technology needs. These are considered with your plan to grow as your business needs do.

business growth planning making possible

A Snapshot of Results with our Business Growth Plans

You can trust our results and experience spanning over two decades to give you the confidence to plan to grow your business, to achieve your vision and goals.


Business Growth Plans Completed

Business owners have been enjoying our business growth plans since 1997.


Growth Success Rate

Our strategies in the plan work! That's seen by the consistent results achieved.


Combined Profit Increase

Thousands of businesses have been improved over two decades.

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