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Problem 1

Not Enough Leads/Sales

Thanks to 10 years and over 10,000 hours of research to identify the best marketing strategies and tactics this solution is all about how to increase leads and sales.

It's focus is on the most important of all lead generation strategies - your business' website. 

You'll be surprised at just how effective these advanced tactics are and how easy they are to apply.

Are These Business Solutions Effective?

Admittedly, there's a lot of average content in the marketplace, but here's some of the background of these solutions

Working 1 on 1 with hundreds of businesses across Australia, Canada and USA
Constant testing of strategies, measuring, refinement and verification of facts
Over 20,000 hours of research into virtually everything related to business
Working with businesses in retail, wholesale, manufacturing and service
Identifying all the challenges preventing business freedom and resolving them.


The 7 Strategies of Business Freedom

Foundations Strategies

1. Envision

It begins with defining your heart's desire of your future with goals to achieve that.

2. Team Building

Building a team is essential for freedom. It starts by sharing your vision in team meetings.

3. Measuring

Decisions by numbers are essential for management. Share figures in team meetings.

4. Systems and KPIs

Systems keep your team in check with KPIs. Weekly meetings figures link to KPIs.  

Growth Strategies

5. Growth Plan

With the foundation strategies in place, profit margins will increase. Now is the time to plan to grow.

6. Sales & Marketing

Lead generation and sales strategies accelerate the growth of the business.

7. Management

This strategy is about structuring the business to operate and grow with less or none of your time.


Outcomes of Each Strategy

1. Envision

Defining your vision provides clarity, which leads to confidence and excitement. These emotions create energy that pulls you through the challenges and changes to grow.

2. Team Building

Energising your team with your Vision, listening to them in weekly meetings and giving them figures-based feedback on their weekly efforts, motivates them to perform. It increases productivity and profitability and the cash in the bank. 

3. Measuring

Figures create an energy feedback of progress. They invigorate you and your team as the need for improvements are acknowledged and acted on each week.

5. Systems and KPIs

Systems, especially job descriptions, reduces the frustrations between people when they lack clarity of who is doing what tasks. KPIs tell employees how well they are performing, which gives them purpose and excitement to perform.

6. Growth Planning

Implementing strategies is exciting when there is an instant result and proof of progress. Measuring reveals what's working and results increase confidence. 

7. Management

Seeing all the previous 6 strategies have their effect, to bond the team, motivate them to perform and discuss results every week in meetings, means your own time is freed up, along with the energy you put in to drive growth. Your team greatly assists to grow the business and you have time to spare - to enjoy your life with freedom

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