Increasing Leads Starts by Improving The BIG 3

Simply optimising these strategies can generate a flood of extra leads to a business.

website marketing


A website is the foundation of every business' marketing. Fully optimising it can generate higher volumes of 'warm' leads

social media lead generation solutions

Social Media

While social media has strong potential, it needs careful consideration. Great execution or PPC makes it effective

Google ads lead generation solutions

Google Ads

Can be very successful for some businesses, while others will waste a lot of cash on it, or not see a profit return

FACT: All Sales & Marketing Can Be Improved

It's 5 times easier and more profitable to improve an existing strategy than it is to start a new one. 

Too often marketing is implemented, then forgotten, to look for the next strategy to spend more money.

There's no financial risk to improve your current strategies. More leads and sales, often by 20% to 100% more - is achievable within a few months, without spending more.

There are dozens of strategies to execute and optimise to increase leads and sales, including;

It's Your Business, So Why Not Learn More about Sales & Marketing to Grow it?

You don't necessarily need to know how to implement a marketing strategy, but you benefit greatly from learning and understanding the principles of success with a strategy and the secrets of execution, that make it successful. 

Your insights based on experience in your industry greatly adds to marketing execution and the success achieved. 

That's what has been seen from mentoring over a thousand businesses with their sales, marketing and growth strategies, over more than two decades.

Where All Marketing Success Begins

Every marketing strategy's effectiveness can be seen by identifying the lead source of every inquiry because numbers never lie. 

Incredible and obvious ways to improve marketing and sales after measuring every lead by it's source, to determine if they resulted in sales or not. 

Measuring to determine the sales figures from each lead source is the missing experience with so much marketing today. Also the focus is on clicks and leads, and not much on the sales generated. 

Sales income from the advertising is what needs to pay for the advertising.

There is almost a complete lack of tracking all leads and sales to their sources. Less than 4% of all businesses do measure this accurately in surveys with thousands of businesses spanning 23 years. That means there are many MYTHS in our society about what works and what doesn't.


How Sales Acceleration Works  The 4 Step Process

It begins by introducing facts for decisions and finding profitable niches. It's about tapping into your industry insights and your knowledge of your customers.

These form the basis of regular marketing discussions where changes are made live in meetings.


It begins by discussing how to measure all leads to sales, using a template provided, or with reports from your own CRM or software.

Google Search Console is one key tool, to track the performance of your website, which will be an important focus to increase leads.


It's one thing to measure and generate a whole lot of numbers, it's another thing to understand them and see the relevance and importance of them.

The review will reveal insights of where to focus to improve your business, fast and easily.


This is where the change and improvements begin with all tactics to improve chosen based on facts and insights from measuring. 

Simple and multiple tactics will be implemented to improve your lead generation, which have a combined, powerful effect to increase sales.


By implementing over a dozen tactics to improve leads and sales, some may not produce much improvement, while others produce big improvements.

By implementing a lot of tactics, improvements will come and it's exciting to see them from the measuring tools.

There are dozens more strategies than these that are considered in the Sales Acceleration Mentoring to increase both leads and sales conversion rates. Sales Acceleration mentoring is focused on applying only strategies that work - based on 28 years of 'hands-on' measured and proven results.

Client Testimonials and Results

"I was spending up to $1,000 per week on SEO and had only seen 4 sales in 9 months from 90 leads. 

I cancelled my service with the company and worked with Tim for 8 weeks. Starting in the first month, sales started to increase and in the next 3 months I had 14 new deals close."

Finance broker case study

Ashley Smith

ASA Finance Group

"Within 1 month I have raised my prices twice, got rid of time wasters and price shoppers. The real irony is that I have a business degree and I learned NONE of these things at university. 

I have read hundreds of books on business and entrepreneurship and have never come across anything as comprehensive as Tim's information."

Paul Zdzitowiecki

Computer Cures

"Tim got me focused more on profits and margins not just sales and revenue. We saw huge improvements with our sales and marketing, using the figures we learned to measure.

Our business net profit margin was 1.6% and we were struggling with cash. In one quarter it jumped to 23%, adding $120,000 more to our cash in the bank."

Business case study marketing result

Milton Hampe

M J United Plumbing


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