Stage 3 - Consolidation

Moving to Managing

The Priority is to Automate Your Business

So your business operates and grows without your time or energy.


Emulate the World's Most Successful Business

McDonald's is the most successful business. Over decades they mastered 3 essential ingredients of management - Teamwork, Metrics and Systems.

They are successful for many reasons...
An automated business
It's a business, not a job
Products in demand
Easy to find employees

The Ingredients of Automation

McDonald's Didn't Start Great, it Became Great

Every business, large and small started with a person or people with a crystal clear Vision of their future. That Vision, when supported by a dedicated, passionate team can achieve virtually anything. 

All success is a team effort. No one achieved anything great in this world without a team. 

Ray Crock, the founder of McDonald's focused on developing systems identified by metrics that were used by the best employees he could find and train. The employees were then held accountable to numbers. 

Finish Your Business

To automate it, or finish it, so it works without you, focus on the 3 ingredients...

Identify Your Key Metrics and KPIs

Every business has critical figures to monitor every week. That's how Rupert Murdoch manages dozens of his companies internationally, without ever seeing them. 

Business is more than just financials, in fact financials are only one area out of three that need weekly reports.

Good management is understanding the numbers, seeing how they relate to employee performance and the 'mood of the marketplace' to identify early signs of required action.

Share Key Metrics with the Team

You knowing the metrics is one thing, but keeping them to yourself doesn't achieve anything. 

Share the results of your team's efforts creates accountability.

Thoughtfully selected metrics create a feedback loop for employees to determine their own performance levels.

This leads to total 'ownership' of their role, requiring less or no supervision or reminding of their role. That frees up your time and also increases profit margins.

Build and Refine Systems Systems

The systems within a McDonalds business are what make it the world's most successful and desirable business for entrepreneurs. 

Systems and metrics need to combine to hold team members accountable. The metrics and KPIs 'glue' employees to using the systems. 

Without KPIs employees stop using systems, or do things their own way.

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