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Business Owners Discussing their Dream Teams

Industry: Manufacturing - Powder Coating

"The recruitment system is fantastic, it quickly sorts out the candidates. With my team and general manager, working is now optional for me."

Alan Baggs - Precision Powder Coating

Industry: Trade Service - Electrical Contracting

"I have true business freedom now, and recently took a 3-month holiday"

Chris Hislop - White Light Electrical Contractors

Industry: Professional Service - Accounting

"We could very quickly, whilst talking to people on the phone, we could make a decision in 2 or 3 minutes if we would invite them to the next interview step. It saved us a lot of time."

Industry: Service - Computer Repairs

"With your recruitment system we always find the right employees and then identify the candidate with the best attitudes whose heart and mine are aligned with my business."

Paul Zdzitowiecki - Computer Cures Melbourne

Industry: Service - Electrical Contracting

"now thanks to his systems and the course training we have 26 and growing. I can work a 3-day week and enjoy holidays to go surfing."

Chris Hislop - Whitelight Electrical

Industry: Manufacturing & Service - Shade Sales

"The recruitment system we found very successful, once we used it to the letter. "

David Hall

Industry: Trade Service - Mechanical Repairs

"I was frustrated for months, because my team weren't productive enough and profits were down. Thanks to the team meeting structure in the course and the DISC Profile information, from the first meeting, by applying what Tim provided, my staff immediately became happier and this resulted in 50% more work being completed in the next week. That resulted in a 50% increase in my GP and my team continued to work hard for the following months."

Jeffrey Van Doore - Upton Motors

Industry: Trade Service - Kitchen Renovations

"Tim's insights into building a dream team with systems and KPIs helped set my business up to operate without me. He helped me to recruit a General Manager and with the induction systems had him trained up in 6 weeks. I was able to stop working in my business completely and I took two months off to travel around the world and didn't work in my business again for two years. After that I sold it for 10 times what I paid for it - as an asset generating income on autopilot, ready to franchise."

S. Beetson