Experience Enjoyable and Effortless Selling – Based on Rapport

Practical Business Sales and Customer Service Training to Boost Your Sales Effortlessly… Within Hours

Imagine if you could motivate and educate your employees to win more sales, just by how they answer the phone and/or carry out quotes/estimates for customers.

In typical selling situations, people are often nervous to give people the price, so they email it through instead. That’s a lost opportunity and one of many habits that untrained people do that reduce converting more leads into sales.

Everyone who talks to a potential or existing client can benefit from professional training on selling. Without the training, there will be awkwardness and uncomfortable conversations with people but that can be completely eliminated.

With just one day of training in Winning Sales with Integrity, it can turn awkwardness and lost opportunities into an enjoyable, effortless way of converting more leads into sales.

Selling with integrity is about helping people to realise what it is they want to buy, not about telling them and being pushy. Ideally, selling is the skill of asking questions, to clarify what a person wants and needs and educating them through questions so they ask to buy from your business.

In the Winning Sales with Integrity training, split over two half-day sessions (a week apart), you and your people will be introduced to simple, yet super powerful techniques of communication to build rapport in a 4-step process that results in more sales.

These techniques have achieved remarkable results with hundreds of businesses spanning 17 years…

A builder tripled his sales in one month
A blind manufacturer went increased conversion rate from inquiry to sales from 2.5% to 74% (with 3 price rises)
A tree service increased conversion rates from 42% to 65% in 2 months
An engineering company in Toowoomba added $400,000 to the monthly sales – in the month after this training.

This content has been created from years of listening to business owners challenges about sales, from time-wasting prospects, to difficult people, to price objections to competitors. This course has all of that covered, with thoroughly proven techniques so you can win more sales, almost effortlessly.

Here’s a review of the workshop from an attendee…

The Sales Training Course Contents

  • Why customer service and selling is all about rapport building skills
  • DISC Profiles of people in selling, and how to pick prospects’ profiles within seconds, even on the phone
  • How to sell to each person in 4 unique ways based on their DISC Profile
  • What holds all salespeople back (mindset insights)
  • How to accurately read and use body language in customer relationship situations
  • How to build rapport rapidly and effective with simple techniques
  • How to use a 4 step process of selling called AIDA, so it becomes effortless to win more sales
  • How to sell at higher prices and convert more sales
  • How to remove ‘awkwardness’ and being uncomfortable completely in selling situations
  • How not to overcome objections, by avoiding creating them and sell with ease and grace
  • How to really enjoy being an outstanding customer service person

The course is delivered online or offline to cater to your need in small, interactive groups using a Zoom video meeting and a detailed workbook mailed to your address.

Common comments about the course include…

“I feel I can sell without any tension or awkwardness”

“Can’t wait to apply this new method!”

“It’s amazing how effortless selling can be. I don’t feel like I’m selling at all and I’m winning more sales”

You’ll be able to both see and hear your Trainer and interact with questions while taking notes in your workbook. All your questions will be answered immediately and you can ask the Trainer anything at any time.

The workshop is held over 2 sessions, a week apart as this brilliant and practical content needs time to digest. The half-day a week training is also perfect for retention of the content and therefore its use and results.

Get in contact with questions about the training for you or your sales team.