Increase Your Website's Warm Leads and Sales

Tactics based on testing website improvements for 12 years, and 30 years of direct response marketing experience.

This Checklist has 24 Easy to Apply Tactics and Will...

Retain Website Visitors Longer

The content determines that outcome, not the design and you'll learn what the best content is. 

Warm Visitors up to Contact You

Less than 5% of website visitors contact the business. These tactics will increase your figure.

More Sales

The sale begins with the website. It needs to build rapport with visitors as that leads to trust. Being trusted before talking to prospects makes all the difference in the world to increase sales.

***Special BONUS Included***

21 'Strategy Briefs'

Strategy Briefs are a summary of strategies to improve all facets of your business. 

It's the missing 'gap' of what you don't know you don't know about growing your business. 

A Strategy Briefs contain information about What & Why the strategy is beneficial, How to get started to implement it, a Real Life Story case study of it being applied, Ideal Outcomes and a list of Related Strategies.

They are 100% educational content in all Briefs. There's no sales pitch or branding in any of them.

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