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Hi I'm Tim Stokes - a veteran of business and marketing

Building my 7 businesses over 38 years, and being a business mentor and marketing professional, I've identified solutions to the common challenges we all face in business, that prevent owners from achieving business freedom

"There are hundreds of courses and advisers that will sell you a myriad of promises, Tim Stokes delivers on what he says he will do. 

The material that Tim provides is relevant, timeless and will improve your bottom line, increase your cash flow, create a team of employees that are completely on board, make you a better leader and ultimately a better person. 

Sound unbelievable - that’s what I thought as well until I experienced it."

Colin Gair - Principal - Wheeler Accounting

"Tim is the best adviser to help small businesses grow that I have come across in my 30 or so years in the accountancy profession. 

He has a suite of tools that looks after the practical side for businesses wanting to grow. Too many in this industry are sprookers with little or no substance. 

Tim is the real thing with experience and systems to get profits flowing."

Ken Robertson - Principal - Nexia Brisbane

Tim has worked with these leading accounting firms and their clients

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Solving Team, Time, Money and Sales Challenges

A Dependable Team

A dependable team can lead to your business freedom.

Time & Money

Higher margins provides cash for an employee to free up time.

More Leads & Sales

Advanced tactics can flood a business with leads and sales.

What Business Freedom Feels Like

Increased Happiness

Building a great team, whose hearts are in their roles, leads to a great culture, a dependable team and true freedom being experienced. 

Stress Reduction

When solutions to common business challenges kick in, margins increase and with that so does cash in the bank. 

More Clarity and Confidence

Weekly management reports provides clarity with confident decisions. With growth and 10+ employees, working in the business can become optional. 

Reconnect with Your Lifestyle Vision and Entrepreneurial Spirit!

The 7 Foundations of Business Freedom

Mastering these 7 aspects of business leads to freedom and are included in Business Freedom Mentoring


Define your heart's desire and primary goal from business ownership.


Build a team whose heart is in their work and are enrolled in your vision.


Measuring finds opportunities, creates feedback and helps with management.

Systems and KPIs

Systems with role KPIs keeps your team in check, freeing your time up.

Growth Plan

With the profit margins increasing, its time to plan to grow fast.

Sales and Marketing

Optimised lead generation and sales  methods are monitored by measuring.


With the team accountable to systems and KPIs, your time is freed up.

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Business Freedom?

Discover the 7 ingredients of extreme business success and 'Business Freedom.' Learn how to put an end to these common business growth challenges...

PLUS you'll see 11 case studies of businesses that have conquered all their growth challenges, so the owners now enjoy business freedom.

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