Learn Advanced Marketing Secrets - Backed by Results

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For 25 Years I've mentored businesses to grow fast...
I HAD to solve their lead generation and digital marketing challenges

Thanks to a copywriting/marketing background, I learned the secret to generating leads is all about the quality of any marketing

You'd be amazed at how much any marketing can be improved, especially websites. Even if it's a brand new site.

Premium quality marketing hides in plain site as the average business owner can't tell the difference between premium quality marketing and average, but the results prove the difference.

What you will learn in the video

What website optimisation is and why its the No.1 ingredient of Search Engine Optimisation
The "SECRET" analysis tool 95% of business owners haven't heard of or use
What kind of results are possible in a matter of weeks and have been achieved across various different industries

Want to watch improvements to your marketing start happening in days or weeks? Talk to me

Most marketing is "average" in terms of its content, yet so few people know and that includes most website developers

Without tracking every lead to its source and the sales volume and income from those lead sources, there's no way to tell what's working and what's no with digital marketing. 

96% of all small businesses do NOT measure their leads to sales income, and that's where I always start with every client, and have for 25 years. As a result I've got to see what's fact and what's fiction about marketing. And every thing I do with clients WORKS, every time

What's in My Digital Marketing Mentoring Service?

First of all, its and education based on working "with you" not for you. By working with you, I educate while implementing changes
You'll see the exact changes that make a difference to your marketing, by understanding how to read specific reports & figures in tools like Google Search Console
You'll see big improvements in one to two weeks, not months, with figures that tell the truth
It starts with optimising your website as only 5% are have ever been fully optimised at the level of quality possible
You'll learn how easy it is to setup various Facebook campaigns such as a Likes campaign, a Leads or Sales campaign and learn the advanced secrets that hugely influence campaign success
You'll learn how to make the basic changes that take literally 1 to 5 minutes a week to tweak your campaigns
You'll learn the parameters of success from Facebook campaigns so you are empowered to manage it and control your success
The aim of the mentoring is to make myself redundant so you'll fully educated on how to manage your own marketing, in weeks!

All that's needed is Zoom meetings over 4 to 6 weeks to fully optimise your website to increase traffic and leads. If you'd like to work on Facebook campaign set up that's only 2 to 4 weeks in total.
Forget "pay and hope" advertising or marketing managers who want to keep you dumb and uneducated. Pay once to learn the most advanced marketing tactics you'll probably ever see. 

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