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The 3 Essential Ingredients of Website Optimisation

Website developers tend to be more skilled with coding than with outright marketing with the 3 elements of website performance. That's where an experienced direct response marketer and SEO expert can assist to increase leads and sales to your business

Images & Photos

Testing over decades has proven images with people in them work the best. It's takes a high level skill to choose images. 


Headline text is the second thing looked at by visitors. It has to be excellent, create a positive impression in the first 2 seconds. 

On-page SEO

Photos and text make your website more visitor friendly. On-page SEO makes it more Google friendly - i.e. it ranks higher.

Improving Websites Starts by Understanding People

Marketing is about understanding the thinking of people, and catering to their needs, interests and desires.

People are 10,000 times more interested in themselves, and what they want, more than they are in your business. Sad but true.

Having a website that focuses on what you provide as an outcome instead of what you do, is the key ingredient of a super successful website that generates "warm-to-buy" leads and sales.

Most websites lack the key, critical ingredients that emotionally engage people who visit the pages.

Language of "we do..." or "we are..." is feature-focused, and is not beneficial to people. 

Your business is simply a means to an end, for people to get what they want and are paying for. That's all. 

Changing the focus to communicate their outcome is the key to all super successful marketing - especially the most important element - websites.

Big External Factors Affecting Website Traffic and Sales

Website User Experience

Google tracks visitors experiences and changes the rank for pages. Visitor times on pages are factors that influence rank. 

Website Speed

In May 2021 Google introduced a complete focus on Mobile website experiences. Is your website fully optimised for mobiles?

Changing Algorithm Criteria

Google is the gatekeeper when it comes to where a website ranks. Knowing how Google thinks is the key to SEO, rankings and traffic.


What Our Website Optimisation Service Includes

Image Changes

Thoughtful selection of the ideal images and photos for your website can make a difference. Decades of testing ads contents showed that. 

Rewriting Pages

There are 'power words' to use in copy on a website. Words alone have been proven to increase leads and sales by more than 300%.

Web Page Speed

Loading times of web pages, especially on mobiles is critical now to rank higher. 3 seconds is the benchmark. The faster the better.

On-page SEO

Everything on your website is 'on-page' SEO however this is about improving Titles, Descriptions and anchor links.

To Blog or Not?

You'll be made aware of whether your site needs a blog section, more blog posts or not. Some sites don't benefit from a blog.

Additional Pages

Some business websites benefit from additional service pages. This will be identified in the initial audit and video recording made with your website. 

Here Are Some Fast Results Using these Tactics

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