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Business Mentoring

On the 4 Essentials of Management

Marketing  Metrics  Systems   People Skills


Growing a business is about increasing sales with effective, profit-returning marketing that communicates your unique brand.

With 30+ years of experience in all types of offline and online marketing, it's an easy process to clarify what your brand is for higher margin sales and a better ROI. 

Mentoring on Marketing Includes

Documenting your uniqueness
Identifying the best lead generation platforms for scaling
Website optimisation after Search Console setup and review


Metrics provide certainty with decisions, 'profit leaks' and growth opportunities. 

25 years of research and development in measuring Sales, Services and Finance has led to ways to identify profit margin increase opportunities

Weekly metrics from all three areas sets your business up for management and KPIs for your team to strive for. 

Mentoring on Metrics Includes

A full review of your current metrics generating methods
Customising of reports to find profit increasing opportunities
Management accounting with financial ratios analysis


To free up your time as your business grows its needs structure and systems form a large part of it.  

Ideally, you want your team to be happy and productive and our unique team meeting methods achieves this. 

Having team meetings with the third ingredient of structure, KPIs, it 'glues' your team to using their systems.

Mentoring on Systems Includes

Digitising policies and procedures with MS Office and videos
Your business' Org Chart with names for every role
Job descriptions and KPIs for every role

People Skills

People skills greatly influence the profit margins in a business and the also Culture of your business. People skills also determine stress and frustration levels with employees.

Essential people skills include; being able to sell at higher prices than competitors, insights to identify 'great' employees before hiring them, and leadership skills, to develop an 'autonomous' team that works without your supervision. 

Mentoring on People Skills Includes

Deep insights into attitudes, aptitude and integrity of employees
Refinement of your sales funnel to increase margins and sales
Systems for team development and better leadership skills


What Makes GEM Business Mentoring Unique?


You'll learn about the strategies while they are being discussed and implemented live on Zoom.

From strategy to tactics and actions it's all included with no trial and error or guesswork. Enjoy fast results.


You'll receive ready to use systems that save over 100 hours of your time.

A full recruitment system for attracting, identifying and hiring great employees including easy to use templates is an example. 


Good management is all about measuring and metrics. 

You'll be given unique templates for measuring all aspects of your business that identify profit margin increasing opportunities.


While working with over 800 businesses, time-saving tools have been created for analysis and planning. 

These tools are loved by our clients for their ease of use and confidence building insights.


User-friendly Business Mentoring 

Business mentoring is different to business coaching, where you are asked lots of questions by a coach, who often with limited business experience. There's commonly a lot of 'guesswork' due to inexperience and all that can make progress slow.  

With business mentoring, you're given the exact strategies and specific tactics to implement, to overcome all your business growth limitations, frustrations and challenges.

Every strategy has been proven to work - hundreds of times! 

It all begins with a business growth plan to identify the specific strategies to be implemented, in an order of priority, to achieve your goals.

No Minimum Time-frame, 'Locked-in' Contracts

The value of the information should be what keeps you wanting business mentoring, not contracts, so there's nothing to sign and no minimum 'program' time to commit to.  

It's natural and wise to be cautious about mentoring. That's why you can try out business mentoring for one session, or a month, and start with a free 15-minute Explore Call. 

 The Primary Goal of Business Mentoring

Together Everyone Achieves More

Growing your business by developing a great team can transform your busyness - to give you more spare time, 'head space' and greater happiness for everyone. 

This leads to faster, smoother growth, higher profitability and more cash in the bank. 

Optimising your team and business builds efficiencies to allow it to grow and scale, with less of your time and energy. 

Working in your business then becomes optional!

Commonly Implemented and Optimised Strategies, Tailored to Your Business Needs

Thanks to working with over 800 businesses for 25+ years, dozens of strategies and tactics have been identified, refined and proven to improve businesses fast. Some of the strategies are below however, the refinement or tactics these are applied with is what achieves the results. Success is all about execution expertise.

Website optimising to increase leads for free
Phone answering methods to increase sales
Quoting strategies to win more sales
Supply of a proven Proposal template
Increased leads from all marketing
Website SEO that shows results in 30 days
Powerful insights from Search Console stats
Systems for profit improvement 
Team development strategies
Supply of a recruitment system template
Insights into finding 'great' employees
Winning more sales at higher prices
Selling skills training
How to build induction systems fast
Setup of a full management report system

Fully optimising these strategies leads to surprisingly substantial and fast improvements. Some strategies create 10% improvements while other times it has been by 300% or more.

Book an Explore Call to find out more about strategies to improve your business fast.

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