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Business Mentoring

More Time, Higher Margins and Faster Growth to Enjoy More Freedom

25 years business mentoring excellence

Gain the Confidence to Conquer All Your Challenges

Fast Sales Increases

Growing a business is about increasing sales with effective, profit-returning marketing that communicates your unique brand.

The execution of a strategy is what determines its success. 

30+ years of hands-on creation and implementation of thousands of strategies while measuring the results - before and after - is the knowledge you'll benefit from with business mentoring. 

That's with businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as well as businesses in three other countries. 

Business Mentoring on Marketing Includes

Simple improvements with your website to increase leads
On-page website optimisation to increase website traffic
Improvement of all other marketing including Proposals

Increased Sales - 300% in 8 Weeks

"I was spending $4,000 per month on SEO and Google Ads and had only seen 4 sales in 9 months from just 9 leads before I met Tim.

I cancelled my service with the company and worked with him for 8 weeks with his website improvement process and SEO services. At the end of the very first month, sales started to increase and in the next 3 months I had 14 new deals close."

Ashley Smith ASA Finance Group - Brisbane QLD

Higher Margins - More Cash

Tracking and measuring leads to sales is where improvement is best to begin. That's what Tim has perfected with an innovate software he shares with every client. 

Tim has over 30 years research and development experience in measuring Sales, Services and Finance. His system of measuring reveal unique opportunities to increase profit margins, adding more cash to the bank for every business

Tracking metrics weekly makes your business predictable, removing stress and reacting to situations. It also contributes to having a smoother, faster scaling business that is more enjoyable business to own. 

Business Mentoring on Metrics Includes

A full review of your current measuring and reporting methods
Customising reports to identify profit increasing opportunities
Management accounting with financial ratios analysis

$120,000 More in Net Profit in a Quarter - Result

"Tim got me focused more on profit margins with his incredible measuring system for tracking leads to sales, job costs and actual gross margins.

Our business' Net Profit Margin was 1.6% at the time and we were struggling with cash. 

In just one quarter it jumped to 23%, adding $120,000 more cash to our bank account. That was the end of all of my stress!"

Milton Hampe - M J United Pluming

Systems to Leverage Time

To free up your time as your business scales it needs structure and digital systems are a large part of that structure.  

The goal is to systemise the business 80% and humanise the 20%. The humanising ingredient is where systems either aren't used or followed by employees. That's where the soft skills of 'humanising' kick in. 

Running team meetings with a "3 ingredients of structure" is the key to systemising and humanising your business. The structure increases your team's happiness and productivity, which increases margins and frees up your headspace to work more on your business. 

Business Mentoring on Systems Includes

Improved job descriptions, that increase accountability
Introducing Processes, Policies and Procedures for each role
Identifying KPIs for the role so employees become self-managing.

Eletrician Result - Completely Off the Tools in 10 Months

An Electrician Went from Working 80 Hours a Week to ZERO Hours, in 10 Months

"I had no life when I met Tim. I was working 80 hours every week, and on the tools with 3 employees during the day and doing the admin at night.

Tim helped me to get clear of my priorities. Over the coming months, with a strong focus on team training and meetings, combined with his recruitment system, I built my team from 3 to 10 employees. With the systems in place, KPIs, effective lead generation and higher profit margins, I stopped working in my business completely. I travelled around Australia 3 times for 6 years with my family in a motorhome. It was fantastic!"

Clint S. - Electrical Contractor

Recruitment Solutions

To grow your business, it needs a complete, effective recruitment system to hire any employee you need. Not just any employee, but 'good' or' 'great' ones, that stay with our business for life.

Tim's mentoring provides you with a decades-refined, complete system with everything you need ready to go.

Mentoring provides the education to identify great attitude employees in interviews, so you're not hoping they work out over months. This is an essential ingredient to develop an 'autonomous' team that works without your supervision. 

Mentoring on Team Development Includes

Insights into attitudes, aptitude and integrity when hiring
Team development through meetings, KPIs for roles
Supply of a full recruitment system and team development

Recruitment System Solutions & Results

Without a full recruitment system, businesses can struggle to grow when they can't hire good staff. Also, the owner can be "held to ransom" by poor performing employees. A complete recruitment system solves that problem, and Tim provides that system that only needs minor tweaks to the ad, and its ready to go.

Paul Zdzitowiecki - Computer Cures Melbourne VIC

Richard Abel - Abel, Vincent & Dick Accountants - Brisbane QLD

Over 1,000 businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have benefitted from Tim's complete 'turn-key recruitment recruitment system. It becomes an essential system for any business that wants to grow and hire more employees.

There are hundreds of industries Tim has successfully hired employees with...

Electricians/ electrical contractors
IT services
Computer repair services
NDIS support
Automatic transmission service


What Makes Tim's Business Mentoring Unique?


You'll learn about the strategies while they are being discussed and implemented live on Zoom.

From strategy to tactics and actions it's all included with no trial and error or guesswork. Enjoy fast results.


You'll receive ready to use systems that save over 100 hours of your time.

A full recruitment system for attracting, identifying and hiring great employees including easy to use templates is an example. 


Good management is all about measuring and metrics. 

You'll be given unique templates for measuring all aspects of your business that identify profit margin increasing opportunities.


While working with over 800 businesses, time-saving tools have been created for analysis and planning. 

These tools are loved by our clients for their ease of use and confidence building insights.

Increasing Net Profit/Profit Margins is the Primary Goal, so that the mentoring investment is covered by net profit increase - to potentially be free.

Check out some Case Studies with specific Net Profit increases Tim has achieved with clients. 

Tim's Secondary Goal is to make growing your business a team effort so your it grows without you needing to work every day, and doesn't require your energy or time.

That's can make working in your business optional!


Business Mentoring (not coaching) for Established Businesses with Employees

Business mentoring is different to business coaching, where you are asked lots of questions by a coach, who often has very limited business experience. With business coaching, there's commonly a lot of 'guesswork' due to inexperience and that makes progress slow. 

With business mentoring, your business is initially assessed using a system of questions to identify all opportunities for rapid profit increase (without increasing leads). 

Strategies are identified for the first 12 months to overcome 'handbrakes' of growth and to grow your business faster, and with less of your time. Every strategy has been thoroughly proven to work hundreds of times.

Those strategies are the means to achieve goals for your business and are all documented into a business growth plan to be implemented. 

No Minimum Time-frame, 'Locked-in' Contracts

The value of the information in mentoring will be the only thing keeping you in the relationship. 

There is no contract to sign or minimum 'program' time to commit to. You and your business are unique, and so will be the mentoring recommended for you. 

It's natural and wise to be cautious about mentoring. That's why you can try out business mentoring for one session, or a month, and start with a free 15-minute Explore Call and a free Strategy Planning Meeting following that if we both agree it's worthwhile from the Explore Call. 

 The Primary Focus of Business Mentoring

Buid a Team to Grow Your Business Together

Together Everyone Achieves More

Growing your business by hiring and developing a great team can put an end to busyness - to give you more hours or days spare for other ventures, and greater happiness for you and your employees increasing retention rates. 

Team development also leads to faster, smoother growth, higher profitability and more cash in the bank. 

Optimising your team and business builds efficiencies to allow it to grow and scale, with less of your time and energy. 

Working in your business then becomes optional as many of our clients have experienced during decades of mentoring.

Commonly Strategies that Make Big Differences

Thanks to working with over 821+ businesses long-term for 25+ years, dozens of strategies and tactics have been tried, tested, refined and proven by results to improve any business fast. Some of these strategies are below. It's not the strategy that as important as the quality of execution. That's what makes all the difference.

Website optimising to increase leads for free
Phone answering methods to increase sales
Quoting strategies to win more sales
Supply of a proven Proposal template
Increased leads from all marketing
Website SEO that shows results in 30 days
Powerful insights from Search Console stats
Systems for profit improvement 
Team development strategies
Supply of a recruitment system template
Insights into finding 'great' employees
Winning more sales at higher prices
Selling skills training
How to build induction systems fast
Setup of a full management report system

Each of these strategies can create surprisingly substantial improvements. Some strategies create 10% improvements while others have contributed to over 300% increases in Net Profit in months.

Find out what strategies can work to improve your business fast.

Benefits of Business Mentoring

Business mentoring is not business coaching. There's a huge difference, seen in results and how fast they kick in. There's no theory or guesswork with Tim's business mentoring, just strategies that have been tested and proven to work - every time.

You don't need to know anything about business or marketing before starting the mentoring.
You don't need to be a genius or even like numbers or systems
There's no hard work, its easy, step by step with very specific and detailed instructions provided, unlike business coaching where they ask you questions or don't have the experience or know- how to get results.
Every strategy related to growing your business is included.
You'll be given complete systems that save on average 100 hours of your own development or work on your business time. What $ value is that?
The focus is on building foundations for growth, so its a team effort. This approach leads to multi-million dollar per year growth.
Noticeable results can kick on within weeks to a couple of months.
You'll be less stressed and therefore much happier, so you love your business, your team harmony and productivity. Higher profits also help!
Growing a business requires marketing and Tim is one of the top marketing experts in Australia with 30 years of experience of designing and implementing strategies he has created. He's also measured the results of over $100 Million of marketing with 1,000+ businesses.


Results for Your Business Are Always the Focus

Tim's results aren't just about growing your business, it's about changing lives. From employees saying they "love" the changes introduced, to higher Net Profit Margins, and loads more cash in the bank. Plus, freeing up days of your time, to give you freedom.

Alan - Precision Power Coating Brisbane QLD

Alan grew his business from one employee to twelve and set it up to operate without him even turning up for work. As he says, 'we're not the cheapest, we're on the high side, and if you want a cheaper, poor quality job, you're welcome to go elsewhere.'

Alan now has the freedom to choose to do what he wants with his life, thanks to his business.

Chris Hislop - Whitelight Electrical Sunshine Coast QLD

Chris' business grew from stagnant $1.5 Million to $4 Million and then on to $10 Million in 2022 with 70+ employees working in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, and north of Melbourne Victoria.

He saw his net profit margin increase to an industry leading 25%, and was able to go surfing in Indonesia for two months, worry free.

Want similar results? Book a 15 minute call with Tim to Find out more

Recommended by Accounting Firm Owners

"There are hundreds of courses and advisers that will sell you a myriad of promises, Tim Stokes delivers on what he says he will do. 

The material that Tim provides is relevant, timeless and will improve your bottom line, increase your cash flow, create a team of employees that are completely on board, make you a better leader and ultimately a better person. 

Sound unbelievable, that’s what I thought as well until I experienced it."

Colin Gair - Principal - Wheeler Accounting - Sydney NSW

"Tim is the best adviser to help small businesses grow that I have come across in my 30 or so years in the accountancy profession. 

He has a suite of tools that looks after the practical side for businesses wanting to grow. Too many in this industry are 'sprookers' with little or no substance. 

Tim is the real thing with experience and systems to get profits flowing."

Ken Robertson - Principal - Nexia Accountants Brisbane QLD

business mentor accounting partner

Business Mentoring FAQ's

What does a business mentor do?

A business mentor is like a guide or temporary business partner. They share their experience of building many businesses and their best practice methods with owners of businesses. Depending on their background, they may be strongly skilled with financial reports, people development, systems for scaling, selling, marketing or management structure and setup. It depends on their background as to what they bring go the relationship. 

Should you pay for a business mentor?

There may be some business mentors who work for free but may be very hard to find. What people get for free is often not valued or appreciated and with business advice this is true. If you look at how much free information there is on business, yet very few people act on what they get for free because they believe if the advice is free, it can't be much good. A business mentor can be the best investment you'll ever make. Where else can you learn from potentially decades of experience in business from someone who has been where your business is now and learned through experience how to take it to the next level? Don't let a "cost" mindset prevent you from making a lot of money. Think about how many more years you intend to be in business and how little time it will take for you to learn to be successful in your business, for the rest of your life.

How do I to find a millionaire mentor?

Being a millionaire can be achieved from one business. Does that mean the owner is all knowing about every facet of business because they were successful in one industry? A mentor can be a millionaire maker of others without necessarily being a millionaire themselves. Which is the most important? Look at the results of any mentor you are considering. Are they specific and measurable with financial figures? A great mentor will be all about results, bottom-line improving results especially because increasing profit margins is much harder than income and profit is freedom, not income in business.

What's the difference between a business coach and a business mentor?

A business mentor is someone who has owned multiple businesses and often in different industries. They have been through tough times and know just how hard it can be to grow a business and still have a life and family time. They have also achieved great results. These days anyone can be and is a business coach. Often people who fail in their own business have decided to become a business coach. There are no licenses or qualifications needed and with the entry being so easy the industry of business coaching has many people in it who don't have much experience of a track record of growing their own or anyone elses businesses. Many business coaches think its their job to ask a lot of questions to get owners to figure out their own answers. A business mentor is very different. They are focused on growing the business and it's all about the results. They aren't caught up in only asking questions. They are about imparting knowledge and know-how to implement strategies that they already know and have been proven to work. A business coach is cheaper because they aren't as skilled at getting financial results. A business mentor is a great investment because their financial improvement of the business will often well and truly pay for all of their fees. 

Who uses a business mentor, do billionaires?

One reason why entrepreneurs can become billionaires is because they readily ask for and pay for advice. They value the shortcut to success it gives them. Where a billionaire is different to a small business owner is that billionaires don't have one or two advisors, they can have a team. They can have an accounting advisor for one specific topic such as business acquisitions. Another accountant for business sales and another for their company taxes. So yes, billionaires have advisors, but no mentors. Mentors tend to be people who have taken others to much higher levels of success and that's where a billionaire already is. 

Do startups need a business mentor?

While a startup can benefit from a business mentor, often a business coach, an accountant and marketing expert are better suited to working with a startup. Business is a topic that includes hiring and managing staff, management reports, sales and marketing and systems to name a few. The most important ingredient of starting a business is getting sales and that means leads. The business hasn't moved into the "Management Stage" of 4 or more employees, which is where profit margins, systems, hiring and team development as well as other aspects of business become a high priority. These are the areas where a business mentor with a wide variety of skills can apply them to the business. Until the  Management Stage focus on marketing and getting your business out there with marketing advice and wait a little while before considering a business mentor. Some business coaches can be worthwhile engaging in the startup phase if its affordable. 

Do you have to do a lot of work between meetings with the mentoring?

Because of Tim's 25 years of experience with mentoring businesses, he's made the process of implementing strategies very simple. While there is work for you to do between session meetings with Tim, it's very easy and takes little time. It's not like you need to spend 4 or 10+ hours every week implementing. Most weeks you'll only need 30 minutes to an hour to implement most strategies. That's because the content is so relevant and its more a matter of changing how you do things, not about doing a lot of tasks. Tim fully understands how busy and time poor you are, which is why he's made his strategies so simple and easy to implement. Plus, he has systems ready to drop in that will save you about 100 hours of development time for these essential systems. 

Got more mentoring questions? Book a 15 minute call with Tim to Have them all answered

Why Consider Tim Stokes as Your Business Mentor?

Tim Stokes is one of Australia's most experienced small business entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors. He's built six businesses over his 40+ years in business and worked with thousands of businesses in four countries.

He's a full-time researcher into entrepreneurship, extreme business success and setting businesses up so that working can become optional. He has invested over $150,000 in learning from marketing experts, entrepreneurs, business gurus and legends of international business.

With over 20,000 hours of research, development and refinement of his strategies, systems, management tools and methodology, he is respected and recommended by dozens of accounting firms, who see his results in their client's financial reports. 

Tim was a pioneer in the business coaching industry being one of the very first, starting in 1997 as a "pilot" franchisee. He became the "Worldwide Business Coach of the Year in 2000" with ActionCoach, the first time they created the award. ActionCoach is the largest business coaching organisation in the world. 

Tim has also spoken to thousands of business owners in self-marketed seminars, webinars, workshops, and courses. He has worked one-on-one delivering business mentoring programs in 4 countries, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. He is highly respected by leading accounting firms with dozens referring hundreds of their clients to his programs. 

If you want results that not just improve, but transform your life and business, follow him on LinkedIn or Facebook, or talk to Tim about your business, challenges, goals and dreams.

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