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About Tim Stokes - Serial Business Owner

Entrepreneur - MARKETING PRO

Australia's Trusted Business Coach & Mentor

Meet Tim, who has owned and built six service businesses.

Tim's first started his own business in the tree service industry in the 80's. It took him seven years of stress and struggle to realise he didn't know much about running a business.

That started to change after attending The E-Myth weekend workshop with the famous book Michael Gerber, who talked about working on your business and all the topics of success business, including automating it with systems, to work without the owner. 

His next learning experience was with Marketing with the great Jab Abraham, the world's highest paid marketer and then Chris Newton the Australian CEO of Results Corp. 

By applying what he was fast learning, Tim tripled his business profits, while working half as many hours. Two years later he became a pioneer in the business coaching industry, starting in 1997 before the words business and coach had been put together. 

Tim is now recognised internationally as a business coaching pioneer. He has trained hundreds of coaches across the world, his knowledge is printed in the books of Brad Sugars and thousands of businesses benefit from his business methodologies and systems. 

Tim Stokes - Founder of Profit Transformations 

Tim is the Managing Director of Profit Transformations, a business mentor and business growth an expert in sales, website optimisation, team development including recruitment with his system and digital online and offline marketing. 

He has been mentoring business owners in the cities of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to name a few, as well as with businesses in USA and Canada. Most times it's with business owners he hasn't ever met face to face. 

He has lived in Brisbane since 2004 with his wife and two children, after moving up from Penrith NSW where his previous business coaching business operated. 

Tim grew up in Camden where he went to school and enjoyed playing hockey and chess against other schools and it's where he started his first business. 


What's Possible? Business Coaching and Early Years Results

As a business coach, despite it being early in his profession, Tim saw dozens of amazing results that surprised the business owner.

None of his clients expected to see an increase in Net Profit of 50% to 2,000% in a matter of months, especially without using any advertising, but that was constantly achieved.

The reason why it was achieved without using any additional advertising is because the owners said they didn't have any spare cash or they just didn't want to take the risk of spending money with no return on their investment.

This experience set Tim up to become a master business coach and mentor to grow businesses fast without using advertising. There are dozens of ways to increase income and profit in a business. What Tim realised is that net profit and especially margin is much more important than income and he figured out dozens of ways to do that. 

Tim's Focus

To Make Your Business a Vehicle to Wealth and Lifestyle

Tim's first two businesses were in the tree service industry where he started new businesses in different locations while studying to become a qualified arborist. 

After 15 years of developing his business, he decided to share his success insights by becoming a pioneer in the business coaching industry starting in 1997. At the time there weren't any business coaches and he had to explain what his profession was.  

While leaving Penrith to move to QLD he started his third business with a partner - a wealth creation education company that held 5-day workshops, promoted through his free seminars held in cities across QLD and NSW. 

He started business coaching again in Brisbane while venturing into his next business, personal development and spiritual workshops where he became a shareholding partner and developed the systems to franchise it. 

QLD M4G - Mentoring 4 Growth Registered Business Mentor

Tim won the first prestigious award of "Worldwide Business Coach of the Year 2000" for Action International (now ActionCoach) as the first NSW business coach franchisee thanks to the systems and content he developed, which was used by hundreds of business coaches and thousands of businesses in the world.

Currently, Tim calls himself a business mentor and operating from Brisbane, is a registered Queensland Government Mentoring for Growth M4G mentor and a select mentor of the Lord Mayor's Brisbane Business Hub where he provides free mentoring sessions for business owners. 

Tim has also been a professional speaker and marketer of his own seminars, workshops and courses educating business owners on all aspects of business growth and entrepreneurship. 

Tim has spoken at Chamber of Commerce events, national conferences, asociations, been a guest for various podcasts and live webinars.

"My purpose is to make a difference to the world, one business at a time. When a business improves, so does the customer experience, the life of the owner/s and their family as well as the employee's families. That's a win for the community." 


Growing a Business is All About Strategies 

Strategy with expert execution doesn't work. These are the strategies Tim's executes with owners, used to grow 800+ businesses over 25 years
Website optimisation
Facebook PPC campaign set up
SEO on-page and off-page
Google Search Console analysis
Team building methods
Winning more sales, at higher prices
Position descriptions and Org Charts
Supply of a recruitment template
Team development for autonomy
KPIs for all employee roles
Ads to attract and hire great people
Full management reporting set up
Explore Tim's business mentoring services including website optimisation, sales acceleration, and team development. Services commonly start with a documented Business Growth Plan.

Two Decades of Life-changing Results

With Client Case Studies Featured in National Business Magazines

Free Business Coaching 

Tim's exposure and features in magazines began in May 1999 when he gave away six months of business coaching for free. His coaching was covered by the national business magazine - Inside Business Success

The magazine found the business for Tim to coach by phone, which was a plant and gift retailer in Parramatta. Each month the magazine wrote up the strategies he implemented with the owner along with the difference in the business and the results.

By month five the turnover had doubled and increased again in month six at the conclusion of the free business coaching program.

1,200% Growth in 7 Months

In June 2002 My Business Success magazine published a story about a bathroom renovator whose business had grown by 1,000% in five months and by 1,200% in seven months thanks to Tim's phone coaching. 

The owners were cautious and frustrated after previously spending $30,000 with experts and advisors with nothing to see by way of growth results.  

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Public and Private Speaking Events

Since 1999 Tim has marketed his own business seminars and workshops. He has spoken to thousands of businesses across the east coast of Australia in his own free business seminars, workshops, business courses and events. 

He has been a featured speaker at private events including international and national conferences, expos, accounting groups and Chambers of Commerce.

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tim stokes business coach brisbane sydney melbourne australia sales training
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Industries Tim has Coached and Mentored

With more than two decades of working with clients one on one and in small group mentoring and business course, below is a very small cross section of some of the hundreds of businesses mentored.  

Building and renovation
Kitchen renovations
Bathroom renovations
Plastics manufacturing
Sheet-metal and fabrication
Ducting manufacturing
4WD tents and canopies manufacturing 
IT service providers
Timber flooring resellers and installers
Farm machine engineering
Computer repairs and home IT services
Air conditioning


Countries of Businesses Worked With

Other countries include; Singapore, India, South Africa, and the UK


The United States


New Zealand

Why Consider Tim Stokes as Your Business Mentor?

Tim Stokes is one of Australia's most experienced small business entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors. He's built six businesses over his 40+ years in business and worked with thousands of businesses in four countries.

He's a full-time researcher into entrepreneurship, extreme business success and setting businesses up so that working can become optional. He has invested over $150,000 in learning from marketing experts, entrepreneurs, business gurus and legends of international business.

With over 20,000 hours of research, development and refinement of his strategies, systems, management tools and methodology, he is respected and recommended by dozens of accounting firms, who see his results in their client's financial reports. 

Tim was a pioneer in the business coaching industry being one of the very first, starting in 1997 as a "pilot" franchisee. He became the "Worldwide Business Coach of the Year in 2000" with ActionCoach, the first time they created the award. ActionCoach is the largest business coaching organisation in the world. 

Tim has also spoken to thousands of business owners in self-marketed seminars, webinars, workshops, and courses. He has worked one-on-one delivering business mentoring programs in 4 countries, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. He is highly respected by leading accounting firms with dozens referring hundreds of their clients to his programs. 

If you want results that not just improve, but transform your life and business, follow him on LinkedIn or Facebook, or talk to Tim about your business, challenges, goals and dreams.

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