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Australia's Trusted Business Coach & Mentor

With humble beginnings in business, starting with a tree service in 1983, to pioneer of business coaching as an industry in 1997, Tim is an internationally recognised business coach and business mentor.

Seeing the Birth of an Industry

Tim is considered one of the early pioneers of the business coaching industry, being one of four business coaches when Action International, a sales and marketing company, initiated franchising with 'pilot franchises.' 

With a business and marketing background, from a practical education from the highest paid marketer in the world - Jay Abraham and the best marketer in Australia - Chris Newton, he hit the ground running to become a leader in the business coaching industry in Australia and with marketing results.

About Tim Stokes and Profit Transformations 

Tim is the Managing Director of Profit Transformations, a business mentor and expert in sales and marketing

He has lived in Brisbane since 2003 with his wife and two children after moving up from Penrith in Western Sydney. 

Tim has started and built seven businesses in three different industries - in tree services, business coaching, wealth creation education workshops and personal development/spirituality events.  

Tim won the first ever prestigious award of "Worldwide Business Coach of the Year 2000" for Action International. and developed systems used by thousands of business coaches and hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world.

He is a registered Queensland State Government Mentoring for Growth M4G mentor and a mentor of the Lord Mayor's Brisbane Business Hub

Tim has served on the committee for Penrith Chamber of Commerce and the Logan City Chamber of Commerce.

Tim Mentors Businesses on All Aspects of Business and Marketing...

"My purpose is to enlighten business owners on achieving 'business freedom' - a harmonious balance between business and life success"

Two Decades of Results

Featured in National Business Magazines

Free Business Coaching

Tim's exposure and features in magazines began in May 1999 when he gave away six months of business coaching for free starting with a Business Growth Plan. His coaching was covered by the national business magazines Inside Business Success

The magazine helped to find a business for Tim to coach, a plant and gift retailer in Sydney. Each month the magazine would would write up the strategies he implemented with the owner along with the difference in the business and the results each month.

By month five the turnover had doubled and increased again in month six at the conclusion of the free business coaching program.

1,200% Growth in 7 Months Feature

Another client result was covered in June 2002 of My Business Success magazine who published a story about a bathroom renovator whose business had grown by 1,000% in five months and by 1,200% in seven months, changing the lives of the husband and wife business owners. 

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Public and Key Note Speaking Events

Since 1999 Tim has marketed his own business seminars and workshops. He has spoken to thousands of businesses from Cairns to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and New Zealand. He has been a featured speaker at private events including international and national conferences, and expos, accounting groups and Chambers of Commerce.

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