End Your Recruitment Challenges Permanently

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For 25 Years I've mentored businesses to grow fast...
I HAD to solve their employee recruitment challenges

Thanks to a copywriting/marketing background, I learned the secret to successful hiring starts with the ad

Here's what I learned... the best potential employees are not unemployed. They scan the job ads, hoping to see a business that they like that is worth their while applying to. 

If your ads are not attracting the best candidates or a high volume of applicants, that's the number one reason why you can't find good staff.


What you will learn in the video

How to gauge how good your own recruitment ads are on Seek, compared to every other business' ads
What the 3 key numbers are to look at to measure the success of your recruitment ad
What kind of results are possible and have been achieved in various different hard-to-find-staff industries.

Want a complete, Turn-key SYSTEM for recruitment? Talk to me

What difference would that SYSTEM make to your business, now and in all the years to come?

Without a full, proven recruitment system I see business owners "held to ransom" - putting up with frustrating, poor performing employees because they are worried they can't replace them.

To build a business you must have a full recruitment system so you can confidently hire the people you want when you need them. 

What's in My Full Recruitment SYSTEM and 4 Sessions?

You'll get my "context" ad that only needs 10 to 20 words changed - because it has worked for 98% of business for 10+ years!
A Candidate Selection Criteria Template so you are crystal clear of what you're looking for to write in the ad and to ask candidates
Why and how to use Seek to its maximum potential to bring more applicants than you've ever seen before
Insights into what salary to offer and it's not the highest! That's a mistake employers make to try to bribe candidates
1st interview question that identifies the all-important essential personality traits of ideal candidates with great attitudes 
2nd interview questions to go deeper into their personality traits and identify the specific experience related skills required 
Detailed insights into the best psychometric assessment used with 1,000+ businesses to determine candidate aptitudes 
Insights into how to read between the lines of resumes and turn that into great questions

All that's needed is four Zoom meetings over 4 weeks. We'll write and place the ad on Seek, and find you the ideal employee. Then you'll have your own recruitment system to use forever.
No more expensive recruitment consultants for far less than the price they charge each time!

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