Learn Website Optimisation Secrets - With FAST Results

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For 20+ years I've studied website design and identified the exact web content to increase leads for businesses to grow fast...

Thanks to a 30 year copywriting and marketing background, I learned the secrets to website optimisation to convert more site visitors into warm-to-buy leads

You'd be amazed at how much any marketing can be improved, especially websites. Even if it's a brand new site. 

Less than 5% of all business websites are close to being fully optimised, so visitors leave and don't contact the business. With simple changes made in the Admin, websites can see big improvements in leads.

What you will learn in the video

What website optimisation is and why its the No.1 ingredient of Search Engine Optimisation
The "SECRET" analysis tool 95% of business owners haven't heard of or use
What kind of results are possible in a matter of weeks and have been achieved across various different industries

Want to see improvements to your marketing start happening in days to weeks? Talk to me

When a website is built, that's the beginning of success, not the end but developers stop there.

For two decades I've researched, read and studied website improvement methods. Testing image changes, text changes, SEO tactics and more.

I've also learned what Google Search Console can reveal to the trained eye, which is the best kept secret of website optimisation and SEO, but few business owners know anything about it.

What's in My Digital Marketing Mentoring Service?

First of all, its and education based on working "with you" not for you. By working with you, I educate while implementing changes
You'll see the exact changes that make a difference to your marketing, by understanding how to read specific reports & figures in tools like Google Search Console
You'll see big improvements in one to two weeks, not months, with figures that tell the truth
You'll learn how to make basic changes to your own web pages and how fast and easy it is to do so.
You'll learn how to write effective blog posts. 95% of businesses break my rules of writing, which usually means they are a complete waste of time because they get no traffic to them.
You'll learn all the critical ingredients of building an effective website that ranks much higher in Google, increasing traffic, leads and sales for your business.

All that's needed is Zoom meetings over 4 to 6 weeks to fully optimise your website to increase traffic and leads. See traffic improving results in days to one or two weeks. It happens that fast!  

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