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Yes, you definitely can get leads fast and for free for your business. Actually, there are many different ways to do so.

It’s an area Profit Transformations specialises in and has for 22 years, for any type of business.

It’s much easier than people think and just because other people don’t know how doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Here’s the formula for lead generation…

More Website Traffic = More Leads

Not all traffic turns into leads but increasing traffic will get more leads.

All things being equal, if a website increases traffic by 30% it can result in 30% more leads.

Traffic increase is, therefore, a priority and it can be increased fast.

How would a 33% increase in 28 days be for speed?

Hard to believe? Sure. Impossible? No, its definitely possible.

Here’s a screenshot of a client whose Google Search Console figures confirm it.

how to increase leads for free

The (hidden) keyword phrases on the left have the number of clicks for them on the right with the first column of numbers showing the last 28 days of clicks to the previous 28 days. Some have increased by over 2,000%.

Search Console provides direct feedback for changes to your website, which is both good and bad. Good for business owners and our company, and bad for a lot of direct marketing service providers.

If you don’t know, Search Console is a free tool and the first step of increase leads for free.

Unfortunately, it’s probably the least known tool for websites there is and the best for organic traffic.

Unlike Google Analytics, which tracks all traffic to a website plus many other figures, Google Search Console only tracks organic traffic.

Setting up Google Search Console is the first step in our marketing mentoring or SEO Trusted Results program.

All our marketing mentoring starts by setting up measuring. That’s because we’re one of the few companies that are willing to demonstrate with facts the merit of our methods in plain English numbers you can see for yourself.

Search Console shows which keyword phrases your website and every individual page is being found for in Google.

It reveals many other relevant things too, such as…

  • How many visitors go to your website for each keyword phrase or ‘Query’ as Google calls it – seen above as Click numbers
  • The number of Impressions each phrase has, which is excellent to know what phrases to target with SEO
  • How many and what links point to your website to help it rank
  • Traffic volumes each day, week, month or other time period
  • Average Click Through Rates  CTR for each phrase.

All of these figures, when understood their meaning and importance become guides to improve your website and that’s exactly how our clients enjoy rapid and significant increases in their leads – for free.

The above screenshot shows how the website increases in the number of visitors by 33% or 500+ in 28 days. That was the month after our SEO Trusted Results mentoring.

Every website has the potential to improve its number of visitors and leads, that’s what our experience has shown time and time again.

What Method is Used to Increase Leads for Free?

There are many ways and not all related to your website, but the website is the best place to focus because social media tends to bring people to a website.

There are dozens of ways to improve a website and this topic is called Website Optimisation or On-page SEO.

You’re welcome to grab our 51 Advanced Marketing Tips document.

51 tips on how to get more leads free

The 51 Advanced tips come from 27 years of measuring results of marketing with 1,000 businesses.

Only measuring can reveal the evidence of what works and what doesn’t.

Of all the marketing experts in these fields…

  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Google Ad management
  • Copywriters
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) PPC

How many have you used? And how many have strongly recommended you set up and use Google Search Console and explain what it all means?

If your answer is none, that’s a reason why they probably know little about effective website optimisation – because only by measuring can you verify a marketing strategy works.

Marketing as a topic is full of opinions and most of them are wrong because they are opinions, not wisdom gained from verified actions.

If a marketing strategy isn’t measured, by the business receiving it, how can its effectiveness be determined by facts?

Numbers reveals opportunities

Not all numbers, but definitely some do.

Here’s another example of a business in IT and its results…

how to get more leads for free example 2

That’s over 200% increase in less than a month, for just one page of the website.

Notice the improvement was in both Impressions and Clicks was achieved with 10 minutes of work.

The Ways Leads Can Be Increased for Free

1. Search Console is one way and it reveals opportunities for improvements, such as…

  • Unused keywords that are popular but not emphasised on the website
  • Low CTR which shows the TITLE and/or Description on a page can be poorly written
  • Which pages are getting traffic and which ones aren’t
  • Which blog posts are worthwhile keeping and which ones aren’t
  • What topics to write blog posts on from keyword Impressions
  • Poorly performing keyword phrases
  • Poorly performing web pages

While Search Console is fantastic at revealing opportunities to someone skilled in understanding its figures, that’s not the only way the website can be improved.

2. On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a broad topic to do with optimising a website for Google search engine position or rank in results.

The TITLE of a web page, the small text that appears if you hover over the browser tab, is a critical ingredient of a website.

TITLE word choice is sensitive to Google’s interpretation of a web page and therefore holds a LOT of importance.

Changing the TITLE of a web page can make a BIG difference to what it tells both Google and people searching.

The above Search Console result for the IT business was achieved just by changing the TITLE and Description of the page. That’s all! That’s why it only took 10 minutes to do it.

FACT: most SEO companies do an average to poor job of choosing TITLES for all web pages.

Often you’re only paying for some of the many pages of a website.

One Sydney business client with over 180 pages on their website was horrified, shocked and p…ed off to discover, in our very first meeting, that his SEO company hadn’t touched over 120 pages that all had duplicate TITLES and Descriptions!

Duplicate content is a huge no-no in Google’s eyes.

He had been paying $1,200/month for 3 years with two different SEO companies. He cancelled the relationship and saved $8,000 on it, after paying for our SEO Trusted Results program.

3. Copywriting

how to get more leads copywriting

Copywriting is possibly the most powerful way to increase leads for a business.

It especially applies to a website as this is one area that is often underestimated or overlooked for ‘word-smithing.’

Words have power and the ability to influence shown by you reading this so far.

The wording of a website is in the Top 2 more critical ingredients, yet it’s rarely an ingredient a business pays extra for. It’s often built into the price for the website with the words from the old website often used.

Having seen up to a 900% increase in response by rewiring what was already there, it’s one aspect of website optimisation that has a powerful impact.

Not only can copywriting increase the number of leads, but it can also make an important difference to the quality of leads.

Premium quality copywriting can persuade people your business is “trustworthy” and that makes a big difference to the quality of the phone call and outcome.

Most websites can benefit from professional copywriting and the difference is easily measured.

Google responds to premium quality copywriting with rank improvements because it has the effect of keeping people on the web page, which satisfies Google’s algorithm purpose.

Professional, premium copywriting is engaging and that means people stay on your website longer.

Did you know Time on Page is a very significant ranking factor?

Ranking factor means, higher rank in search results and that equals more traffic and leads.

Premium quality copywriting hides in plain sight. It’s often not able to be detected to the untrained eye.

Top quality copywriting also increases the Response Rate from website visitor to phone calls or opt ins.

All 3 types of website optimisation are important and contribute significantly to your website traffic and number of leads…

  1. Search Console
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Copywriting

There are other contributors such as an offer or a lead magnet that increases traffic and leads. But that’s another post for another day.

Important Questions

Is your business lacking volume or consistency of leads?

Is cash flow low sometimes with wild fluctuations? And are you often short of cash in the bank?

Lack of leads hurts sales and cash in the bank, but it’s a problem that can be worked on and potentially solved.

Sometimes it requires weeks or a few months of mentoring, but not years and without a ‘lock-in’ contract.

Check out our marketing mentoring services to find out how to get help with your lead generation, without spending money on PPC or our SEO Trusted Results.

Have any questions? Ask below for quality answers.

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