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The book is a great introduction to the power of growing your business on the path to "business freedom" using 7 essential strategies. 

Applying all 7 strategies is how our dedicated clients achieve the incredible lifestyle position of business freedom - in just one to two years. 

Yep - that's all the time it takes to set up your business to operate and grow without you! 

The record is 10 months for an electrician in Townsville years ago.

Want to beat my record? It may be possible!

First, you'd need own an established business with 4 or more employees. 

Otherwise it may take a few months longer. 

What would Business Freedom be for you? 

I'd genuinely love to know. Just by having the conversation with people tends to inspire them, and me, to want to see it achieved. 

So when you're ready, call the office for a chat about your business goals. 

I'd love to hear what they are, and explore the strategies you need to achieve all your goals.

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