Sales & Customer Service Skills Training Workshop

Win More Sales, Even at Higher Prices, with Advanced Rapport Building Insights

Learn how to remove all awkwardness and tension from selling and win more sales enjoyably and effortlessly! 

Every Person in a Business Who Talks to Potential or Existing Customers Needs Professional Training

If any of your employees or you as the owner haven't been professionally trained in a sales workshop, there are BIG benefits your business is missing out on.

Admin & receptionists

These are the first people who initiate communication by answering the phone. This is where the sale begins.

Quoting employees

Whoever carries out the 'quote' meeting to gather information or to give the price makes or breaks the sale.


Estimators rarely have had sales training, yet how well they communicate with potential customers greatly influences the sale conversion rates and the price point.

Customer service

Even technical employees who work onsite and talk to the customer needs training. The customer experience determines if they will buy again or refer their friends.

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The 3 Core Areas of Benefit with Sales Training

Lead magnet woman calling

Phone Answering

The phone is where the sale begins. A sale can be lost in seconds. With our proven method of greeting it has proven to increase sales and annual up to 17%.


Time is money and wasting time discussion people's needs who were never going to go ahead is what the essential step  of qualifying is all about. 

Building Rapport

People buy from people they trust and a key ingredient of trust is rapport. This workshop contains ingredients of advanced rapport to win sales easier.

Better Skills Leads to Less Tension and Awkwardness

Let's face it, most people don't love selling and that includes telling prospects the price of their services. 

In most selling scenarios, such as giving a quote at someone's home or premises, there's often a fair bit of tension, awkwardness or discomfort felt by the person doing the quote who gives the prospect the price.

A lot of people in this situation feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable about telling the person the price verbally. 

These feelings can be completely eliminated with professional training that comes from decades of practical experience in these situations. 

Every person can enjoy selling and that can only be the case with all uncomfortable or awkward situations are completely removed. 

Our workshop attendees are amazed at how much they enjoy selling by applying the techniques in this workshop. They start to work immediately too! And the more techniques you use, the more sales you will see and the more you will enjoy it with your new found skills.

The Content of the Winning Sales with Integrity Workshop

Whatever your challenges with communication, employee performance, accountability or productivity this workshop's content has it covered. 

How to eliminate all tension or awkwardness in a selling situation
How to change any limiting beliefs you may have about selling
How build rapport within seconds of meeting anyon
What to say with the exact words and tonality when answering calls
How best to handle 'time-wasters' and 'price-shoppers'
The 5 Phases of Learning related to your prospects' knowlege
How to talk to any prospect at their level of knowledge
How to stop creating objections instead of having to overcome them
How to accurately identify 80% of prospect's DISC Profile in seconds
How to effortlessly win more sales, even at higher prices!

Workshop Content Delivery

Offline or Online

The workshop can be delivered online or offline, in-house to your team (4+) or to a group.

Workbook Included

For notes, extra reading, and increased retention a detailed workbook is included.

Two Half Days

The workshop content is split into 2 session a week apart to increase retention.

Further Reading

The workbooks have extra information to read and learn beyond the workshop content.

The workshop is delivered online or in-house to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people. The workshop is split into two half-day sessions to avoid overwhelm of learning the content. Every attendee will receive a DISC Profile and understand what it means.

Common FAQ's

Are the selling situations and techniques relevant to any business?

Absolutely! Over 2,000 people in roles from Admin, to Estimator, to Quoter, to Tradesman and many more have been trained with this system. It suits every type of business and virtually any role where you or your team interact with existing or potential new customers. Some attendees have called this great 'life skills' training. 

Do attendees have to have much experience in a sales, customer service, or admin role to attend?

No, the content has no assumed or prior knowledge of attendees no matter what their role or level of experience. It is suitable for everyone. 

Will the content lead to more sales?

Absolutely, bit only if it is used. The good news is that the content is very comfortable to use and the more of it that is used the better the results will be. The record result of this information was for a business that increased their sales by 357% in on month, and this was for a veteran in sales who had been selling for 25 years and had attended 3 other sales training workshops before. 

Can I send employees but not attend myself (as a business owner)?

It is not recommended. That's because unless you attend with them, how can you ask them about what content they are using and hold them accountable for using it? The best results come from attending with them, plus you will also learn a LOT more even if you've been in sales for 30 years. This is the best of the best content on selling put together from feedback and suggestions from over 2,000 people attending. Some clients are consistently achieving conversion rates of over 90%, even after multiple price rises in competitive industries. 

Will I be able to use the content straight away?

Yes, on the same day you learn it. A website developer in Brisbane said he landed a $30,000 sale for a website from a Sydney in the same afternoon he attended the workshop (in the morning session). He said he never would have thought that possible, over the phone without the training. 

What is the primary focus of the workshop

Selling is 95% building rapport and 5% knowing how to sell. The fact is, people buy from people they know, like and trust. Rapport is a big ingredient of trust. The content has advanced insights into DISC Profiles, including how to identify 80% of prospect's DISC Profile, even on the phone, within 2 to 60 seconds, even with complete strangers. Once you have a person's DISC Profile you immediately will know how to build rapport and win sales effortlessly and enjoyably. Plus the content has other tips and insights on building rapport including advanced insights into body language, modalities of communication and more. 

Is this workshop suitable for employees that are not in a Sales role?

Absolutely. Less than 10% of attendees over 20+ years have been Salespeople. The majoring are admin, receptionist, customer service, tradesmen, estimators, business owners and managers. The course is user friendly for everyone person in every role if they talk to existing or potential customers of your business. 

Why Consider Tim Stokes as Your Business Mentor?

Tim Stokes is one of Australia's most experienced small business entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors. He's built six businesses over his 40+ years in business and worked with thousands of businesses in four countries.

He's a full-time researcher into entrepreneurship, extreme business success and setting businesses up so that working can become optional. He has invested over $150,000 in learning from marketing experts, entrepreneurs, business gurus and legends of international business.

With over 20,000 hours of research, development and refinement of his strategies, systems, management tools and methodology, he is respected and recommended by dozens of accounting firms, who see his results in their client's financial reports. 

Tim was a pioneer in the business coaching industry being one of the very first, starting in 1997 as a "pilot" franchisee. He became the "Worldwide Business Coach of the Year in 2000" with ActionCoach, the first time they created the award. ActionCoach is the largest business coaching organisation in the world. 

Tim has also spoken to thousands of business owners in self-marketed seminars, webinars, workshops, and courses. He has worked one-on-one delivering business mentoring programs in 4 countries, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. He is highly respected by leading accounting firms with dozens referring hundreds of their clients to his programs. 

If you want results that not just improve, but transform your life and business, follow him on LinkedIn or Facebook, or talk to Tim about your business, challenges, goals and dreams.

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