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How Would Solving Cash Flow Challenges Permanently Affect Your Business Growth and Quality of Life?

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The 3 Ways to Solve Cash Flow Challenges

Increase Leads & Sales

Increasing leads or sales conversions will increase income.

Receive Money Sooner

Being paid sooner or a higher percentage increases cash flow.

Increase Profit Margins

Increasing prices or profit margins increases cash in the bank.

Which ones are suitable for your business?
Explore them below

Increase Leads & Sales

There are dozens of ways to increase leads and sales - without spending cash on advertising.

Websites are a great place to start because very few are fully "optimised" to convert visitors into leads. 

Most websites convert 2% to 8% of visitors into leads. That's a whole lot of improvement waiting to be enjoyed. 

Start with images, change the top one on each page to include happy people. Marketing research proves photos with people are the most popular and influential.

Rewrite your website to remove all use of the word "we" - and use words related to "you" instead.

This turns your website from being feature focused to benefit orientated. And people base their decisions on benefits, not features.

Receive Money Sooner

In a lot of businesses there is the option to ask for some or all of the money at the time of the sale acceptance.

Often it's just a matter of changing when you ask for payment to earlier. 

Instead of after the work is completed, can you ask for all of the money or 50% of the money or 20% of the money up front?

In a lot of businesses, there's no reason they can't ask for some or all of the money at the time the client wants to go ahead with the sale. 

What can hold your business back from doing so, if you have the option, is the fear that people may not like the request and may choose to go elsewhere.

In so many cases, working with businesses to implement this, it has never been detrimental to do this. Just ask, with confidence. 

Increase Profit Margins

Increasing profit margins is far easier than many people think.

The simplest, best and most obvious way to do so is to raise your prices. Ideally by 5% to 10% on everything you sell.

There's a risk of losing sales, however the risk is nowhere near as great as many business owners think. Plus the profit increase matters more than the income loss. Some loss of income is okay for the extra profit.

The best way to alleviate the concern is to first of all measure by recording every new lead, and then wait a week or a month, depending on how long your typical acceptance time is, or the average sale value, and then look back and see how many leads turned into sales.

Conversion rates are what may change with a price rise, so it's important to see the facts about the drop in income afterwards. Some income drop is okay, because the profit increase matters much more. 

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