The 3 Core Ingredients of this Workshop

HR Solutions Hiring RecruitmentHR Solutions Hiring Recruitment

Teaching & Training

Teaching and training skills determine how well employees learn. Better teaching skills means less mistakes, plus new employees up to speed faster.

HR solution Work team meetingHR solution Work team meeting

Leading & Managing

The way employees are communicated to determines how they feel. Happier employees are more productive and need far less supervision.

Influencing Skills

Influence is powerful whereas dictating is forceful. Using influence makes a big difference to your team's performance, motivation and productivity. 

How to Have Fully Engaged Employees

The best employees are the ones whose heart is in their work, and they care about the Vision of the business. 

Heart + Mind = Initiative

When the heart is engaged, it activates the mind and when employees' minds are on their work, that's when employees need far less supervision or motivation. They can self manage. 

Your communication skills are the key to how employees feel.

Benefits of a heart and mind engaged employees...
Have great memories
Always reliable, dependable
Great attitudes and ethics
Have humility, keen to learn
Rarely have sick days
Don't need to be told twice


Greater Skills Leads to Less Frustration and Bigger Profit

Employees can be the cause of a lot of stress and frustration. Most of that is caused by ignorance of effective leadership and communications skills.

The more a person learns about people, the more predictable they start to become and that reduces the frustrations and 'surprises' they cause.

Not being able to understand how people think causes annoyance. Ignorance also leads to assumptions about what employees understood with communication and those assumptions can be very expensive.

Rework, customers being let down, wasting time and costly mistakes are all the result of ineffective communication and assumptions. 

Learning the essential skills of leadership and advanced communication can literally start transform businesses in weeks. 

With this leadership training, you'll experience and enjoy a new level of power and effectiveness with your communication. That leads to an increase in your happiness and a jump in employee productivity - increasing profits.

The Content of the Leading, Teaching & Influence Skills Workshop

Whatever your challenges with communication, employee performance, accountability or productivity this workshop's content has it covered. 

What, Why and How with communication
How to become a great teacher
How people's brains work and learn
Where communication often breaks down
How to connect better with employees
The 5 Phases of Learning
DISC Profiles and how to lead each one
The essential ingredient of all great leaders
Legendary leadership traits
What influence is and how to have it
The 4 Steps of Persuasion and Change
The 3 Dimensions of Integrity
What is 'Attention Blindness?'
The 4 Stages of Leadership and following up
Learning modalities and blind spots


Workshop Content Delivery

Offline or Online

The workshop can be delivered online or offline, in-house to your team (4+) or to a group.

Workbook Included

For notes, extra reading, and increased retention a detailed workbook is included.

Two Half Days

The workshop content is split into 2 session a week apart to increase retention.

Further Reading

The workbooks have extra information to read and learn beyond the workshop content.

This workshop contains solutions to the common workplace challenges with employees, based on feedback from 800+ businesses. It is practical, immediately applicable, and gives you insights into who you need to be, to become a legendary leader. This results in employees respect you more, needing less supervision and follow up that makes them and you much happier.

Common FAQ's

Is the content relative to any business?

Yes, it's relevant, no matter what industry your business operates in. The workshop can overwhelm some attendees due to the sheer volume of highly relevant content, but that's why the workshop was split into two half-day sessions to avoid that. It also comes with a hard-copy workbook to refer back to with additional reading information.  

Does it include insights into employee behaviours and leadership styles?

Yes. DISC Profiling attendees is part of the course and by understanding your own profile and style of leadership you'll see where it may be misaligned to your employees. Understanding how to lead any person, based on who they are and their profile, is an important aspect of leadership and one that this course focuses on. 

Will the content lead to happier employees or higher productivity?

While its not one of main reasons why businesses send their leaders, managers and supervisors to this course, that's certainly a common outcome achieved.

Is the course suitable for business owners, managers, and/or supervisors?

Yes, it was originally created by request from a business owner who said they wanted to up-skill their managers and supervisors. It's the perfect course for people who need to supervise others, no matter what their job title is. 

Will I be able to use the content straight away?

Yes and the more you refer back to your workbook notes the better you will become as a leader and teacher. The content is quite advanced and that's what the feedback has been from hundreds of attendees, however it is simple, not complex and goes deeply into why people do the things they do and how to change that. 

Where has the workshop content come from, academia theory or other sources?

There's a lot of theory in the business community related to leadership, but not in this workshop. This workshop content comes from deep understanding and more than three decades of reflection, self-learning, trial and error and working with over 1,000 SME business owners and solving their employee problems. The workshop frequently amazes attendees by how insightful it is and practical, to learn not just about leading employees but also to grow to be a better person and leader of people. 

Is this workshop suitable for every employee?

No its not. It's only for employees who are in leadership roles where they are instructing others, holding others accountable and reviewing their work with follow up conversations. It's also not suitable to people who aren't willing to embrace a higher level of responsibility for improving their own communication and leadership skills. 

Why Consider Tim Stokes as Your Business Mentor?

Tim Stokes is one of Australia's most experienced small business entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors. He's built six businesses over his 40+ years in business and worked with thousands of businesses in four countries.

He's a full-time researcher into entrepreneurship, extreme business success and setting businesses up so that working can become optional. He has invested over $150,000 in learning from marketing experts, entrepreneurs, business gurus and legends of international business.

With over 20,000 hours of research, development and refinement of his strategies, systems, management tools and methodology, he is respected and recommended by dozens of accounting firms, who see his results in their client's financial reports. 

Tim was a pioneer in the business coaching industry being one of the very first, starting in 1997 as a "pilot" franchisee. He became the "Worldwide Business Coach of the Year in 2000" with ActionCoach, the first time they created the award. ActionCoach is the largest business coaching organisation in the world. 

Tim has also spoken to thousands of business owners in self-marketed seminars, webinars, workshops, and courses. He has worked one-on-one delivering business mentoring programs in 4 countries, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. He is highly respected by leading accounting firms with dozens referring hundreds of their clients to his programs. 

If you want results that not just improve, but transform your life and business, follow him on LinkedIn or Facebook, or talk to Tim about your business, challenges, goals and dreams.

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