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Business Coaching to Grow Your Business and Be Off the Tools

Why aim for growth when you can achieve

Business Freedom?

And live the life of your dreams

The Law of Business

Technical Skills Are Great, but LEVERAGING them through a Dependable Team Leads to Freedom

Roles for owners change as revenue increases. Working on the business leads to higher Net Profit Margins, that free up cash to afford to pay the extra employee to free up more of your time.

With time you can build your team, implement and refine systems, introduce KPI's and have a dedicated, dependable team who work hard, even if you're not working in or on the business. That's business freedom.

Optimise Your Business for Margins and Growth

Every electrician business has untapped potential waiting to be optimised, to increase the net profit margin. Here are some key areas where our electrician clients have experienced high margin increases.

Employee Leadership

Learning these skills can transform a workplace, increasing employee happiness, productivity and ability to work without supervision.

Conversion Rate Strategies

Conversion rates from leads to sales can always be improved. It's "free money" waiting to be unlocked with numerous, effective strategies that allow higher prices.

Digital Systems

Two essential systems for any business are a recruitment system and an induction system. With these systems you can replace or hire employees easily and effortlessly.

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Measuring Activities

Knowing exactly what to measure and understanding what the numbers reveal leads to higher  profit margins. Meaningful reports lead to more confidence with important decisions.

Website Optimisation

Most websites are nowhere near their potential and can be easily optimised to increase leads by 20% to 50% within weeks,  without any advertising cost.

Management Reports

Working with businesses for over 20 years has led to clear insights into exactly what management reports a business needs. Our mentoring includes that, plus interpretation of the numbers.

Electrician Result - 1

Clint, the owner was operating a business with 3 tradesmen and himself in Townsville, but he was working 80 hours every week, with no change in sight.

In just 10 months the business has increased leads, sales and income to have 9 employees, systems in place for service work, pricing, admin, recruitment, and management reporting. 

The business owner tested not working in the business for a week - with success, and then moved to Cloncurry to renovate his new investment properties. 

His business and team keep working smoothly without him being there. Later bought a new motor-home and travelled around Australia for three years with his family. 

electrician business coach outcome
electrician result of business coaching

Electrician Result - 2

Chris had been operating his business for over 15 years and it was steady at $1,200,000. He was working 55 hours per week every week with no change in sight.

Chris wanted more out of his business, to see it grow, for margins and improve and to have a better team where he had more time.

A year later, his business had grown to $1,720,000 and the net profit margin was at 25%. 

Chris reduced his hours from 55 to be working a 4-day week of 32 hours, although his business didn't need him. 

He then enjoyed a 2 month holiday in Indonesia, surfing in a remote location with no internet or phone access. He was living the dream life of 'business freedom' with a business that operated profitable and smoothly without him. 


3 Ways Business Coaching Improves Results

There are 3 of the common areas. What do you want to improve the most in your business?

Sales Acceleration

Advanced strategies to increase leads and sales to increase revenue and profit.

Team Performance

HR solutions to find and identify great employees to build a dependable team.

Business Freedom

Having your business set up to operate without you needing to be there.

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