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Business Mentoring for Business Breakthroughs

Whatever your challenges are, you can put an end to them all, and permanently. Discover the power of time-proven strategies and tactics to transform your business fast.


Mentoring to Unlock Your Business' Potential

Increase Sales 

Advanced strategies to increase leads, sales, with no extra marketing cost to increase revenue, profit and cash.

Employee Performance

HR solutions to attract and identify great employees to build a dependable team that frees up your time.

Systems for Growth

Systemise your business to operate and grow without your time and energy, to make working optional.


What's Included in Business Mentoring?


You'll learn about the strategies while they are being discussed and implemented - live.

Only time-proven strategies and tactics are recommended that work the first time so you see immediate improvements.


You'll receive time-saving, ready to use systems that save in total over 100 hours of development time.

Systems for hiring and developing your team, to work without your supervision.


Good management is all about measuring and metrics. 

You'll be introduced to and be given unique templates for measuring all aspects of your business while learning about managing your business.


While working with over 800 businesses, tools have been created to use for management.

These tools are loved by our clients for the powerful insights into business performance.


How the Business Mentoring Program Works

Business mentoring is different to business coaching, where you would be asked lots of questions by a coach. That makes progress slow. 

With business mentoring, you're given the exact strategies and specific tactics to implement to overcome all growth limitations and challenges.

There's no guesswork - because every strategy works! 

It all begins with a business growth plan to identify the specific strategies to be implemented, in an order of priority, to achieve your goals.

No Minimum Time-frame, 'Locked-in' Contracts

The value of our services is what retains our clients, not contracts. Business mentoring quickly becomes a Win-Win because of its high ROI.  

It's natural and wise to be cautious and that's why you can try out business mentoring for one session, or a month, and start with a free Explore meeting.

Once you experience the rapid improvements that's when the value is appreciated. Value to your business is the basis of our relationship. 

 Strategies and Detailed Tactics that Grow Your Business Faster

Together Everyone Achieves More

Growing your business with a great team transforms busyness into growth, profitability and more cash in the bank. That is then used to free up your time, to work more on it or be out of it, living your dream life. 

It's about optimising your business' internal operations to build efficiencies to allow it to grow faster and scale, with less and less of your time and energy.

Commonly Implemented Strategies

Thanks to working with over 800 businesses for 25+ years, there are dozens of strategies and tactics that improve businesses fast. These are some of them.

Website optimising to increase leads for free
Phone answering methods to increase sales
Quoting strategies to win more sales
Supply of a proven Proposal template
Increased leads from all marketing
Website SEO that shows results in 30 days
Powerful insights from Search Console stats
Systems for profit improvement 
Team development strategies
Supply of a recruitment system template
Insights into finding 'great' employees
Winning more sales at higher prices
Selling skills training
How to build induction systems fast
Setup of a full management report system

You don't need to know the strategies to grow your business, that's what business mentoring is for. Everything you need to build your business into an asset - that works without you is included! 

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